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Himalayan Pink Salt Block 4 pack $39

Himalayan Pink Salt Blocks/Bricks are an amazing way to pamper your client. Simply heat them up so they are nice and warm, then have your client rest their foot on it. I like to have the client rest one foot on the brick, while I zone the other.

Kimihome Finger Protector Sleeves $11

If you have sensitive knuckles, this is the product for you. Recommended to us by one of our instructors, the finger protector sleeves are flexible, washable, and provides some extra cushion for your fingers. What I love about these ones is they leave your finger tips free.

Heated Eye Massager $69

A Heated Eye Massager would be a great add-on service that you could provide to your clients. It is soothing and helps with tension and headaches. We recommend taking proper care to clean it between clients.

Swing Master Chi Machine $147

The Chi Machine is fantastic for moving lymph out of the legs. It is also great for stimulating the meridians. I personally use my machine when I am under the weather. Your whole body will tingle after you finish.

Blank Gift Certificates $6-$25

Having some blank gift certificates is an easy way to build your business. You could pass them out at a fair, give them for holidays, or use them as coupons for new clients. I also love to give them out as gifts to my loved ones.

Noise Canceling Headphones $60

Some of my favorite foot zones I have received have been "silent foot zones". By allowing the client time to relax, decompress, and be still, they will balance incredibly fast. Noise canceling headphones work great for this. You can also bluetooth calm music for them to listen to. Please remember to clean properly.

Weighted Blanket $29

A weighted blanket is wonderful for calming the nervous system down. I use one to sleep but love the idea of having one available for a client if they would like it. The gentle weight soothes your nerves and helps you to relax.

Red Light Therapy Lamp $69

Red Light Therapy introduces the vibration of low levels of heat and does not burn you. In fact, there are been numerous health benefits from using it. Be sure to have your clients wear the protective eye gear.

Grounding Sheet $34

Some people struggle with symptoms such as restless leg syndrome. A grounding sheet is a great solution to help with that. I personally have slept on one for 6+ months and my symptoms have decreased significantly. Consider having your client sit on it while you zone them. Especially if they are sensitive.

Back Massager $59

Another way to pamper your client, a back massager seat. Who doesn't love a warm back rub? There are various products that will do the job. I would recommend one that will let you wipe it down afterwards.

Ionic Foot Detox Machine $100-300

Ionic Foot Soaks are a way to detox the body from impurities, toxins, and improper build-ups. We recommend doing your research into the company and the various products out there.

Copper Foot Soaking Bowl $250-300

Providing Foot Soaks in a pure copper bowl is great! There are tons of health benefits. A soak in one of these bowls will help to open the pores and allow gentle oils to work into the body. You also won't have to worry about harmful chemicals or plastics.

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